What is FranklyView?

FranklyView helps you to communicate with guests before and after their stay in order to sell more, get feedback, share enthusiasm on review sites and social media platforms and grow the reputation and revenue of your business.

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Why would I use FranklyView?


A complaint will be told 20 times, 8 times a compliment. Online, the effect is much greater. Therefore it is important that you know how well your service meets up to the expectations. FranklyView gives targeted insights to the valuation of guests and any possible improvement. The result: You can optimize your service exactly where it is needed.

You will be alerted when a guest is unhappy. You can approach them directly to resolve the problem. The result: more satisfied customers, fewer complaints online.


92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of marketing. (source: Nielsen) FranklyView makes sharing enthusiasm easy. The result: more online recommendations for your business.


Each reservation through a booking site cost you a minimum of 12% commission. This percentage increases. FranklyView shows you which guests tend to come back. Through a targeted offer you make them repeaters. The result: More direct bookings and reduction of commission costs.

Pre-arrival you welcome your guests and promote extras and upgrades. The result: More commission free revenue.


How do I install FranklyView?

FranklyView is a webbased service. You can run it straight from your browser. No need to install software. We keep it up to date with all relevant new techniques and platforms.

What platforms run FranklyView?

FranklyView is best operated on pc, laptop or tablet.  It will run in any browser on any platform. The survey also runs on smartphones.

How can I invite my customers?

Your survey is available online. You can invite your customers after check-out by e-mail, or on spot (QR-code or url) to participate.

Is my survey customized?

Yes, FranklyView creates a customized survey based on your type of business and includes your logo, pictures, contact details and urls for your website, facebook page etc.

How does sharing work?

If customers are happy and willing to recommend your business, we make it easy for them to share their enthusiasm. Guests can share recommendations via reviewsites as Tripadvisor, Zoover and all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Via which sites can customers share their experience?

We provide sharing for almost all social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and over 300 other platforms.  Per business and per country we add most popular sites for sharing. For hotels, tourism and restaurants our interface works with Tripadvisor. Sharing is also offered for Zoover.

Can customers share their critique?

An e-mail alert will show you when a guest is not satisfied. It is important that you contact them directly. Resolve the problem and minimize the chance a guest will share its critique.

Is the survey personal?

Yes. The e-mail invitation you send using FranklyView is personalized. It contains a link to the survey, which is unique for each guest.

Can I run the survey from my own website?

Yes, you can incorporate the survey in your website. In that case participation is not personalized

Can I import customer data?

Yes. You can import customer data from your PMS or CRM software. We also offer integration with most suppliers of PMS and CRM software. This way you can interface your customer data and automatically invite customers for participating in the survey . Contact us for more information.

Can I send invitations straight from my PMS?

Yes. You can invite your guests by sending an e-mail or text message from your PMS.

Can I export data?

Yes. You can export data to Pdf or Excel.

Can I create a new survey?

Yes. You can either create it yourself, or we can help you do this.

Which reports will I receive?

You can receive alerts for reports for each respondent (real time), per day, per week and per month. You choose one or more alerts. You can check your analytics in FranklyView at any time.

For which businesses can FranklyView be used?

We have surveys for hotels and for restaurants. Are you in another business? We can create a customized survey within a day for most businesses. Please contact us for more information.

What are the costs?

FranklyView works subscription based with a yearly fee. Check our actual prices and promotions.

Which languages can I choose from?

The system is available in English and in Dutch. The surveys are available in six languages (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL). Just let us know if you prefer another language. We plan to grow the number of available languages and are happy to prioritize your request.


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  • Improve pre-arrival revenue
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Get more recommendations on Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google+ e.a.
  • Get more direct bookings


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Suitehotel Pincoffs

To continuously meet the expectations of our guests' needs, it is important that our hotel and service are correct up to the details. FranklyView keeps us focussed.

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