User benefits

You strive to have satisfied customers. A solid reputation. More direct bookings. Let FranklyView help you reach your goals. 


Higher customer satisfaction

FranklyView helps you recognizing the strengths and areas for improvement of your business. Our analytics and alerts show exactly where you need to take action. Get in touch if a customer is not 100% satisfied. Focus on aspects where you can do better. Both will lead to higher customer satisfaction. Guaranteed!

More recommendations

With FranklyView it is easy for your guests to share their positive experience. The result: More recommendations on Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ a.o. 

More direct bookings

Ofcourse you are happy with each reservation. But why not increase the number of direct bookings and save money on commission? FranklyView will help drive guests into repeaters.

Maximum response rates

The user experience is central in the design and functionality of our surveys. This results in a response rate which can go over 50%.

Your survey, your brand

You've put effort in creating a corporate identity. That's why we will put your logo, contact details, urls, and pictures in the survey and e-mail invitation. You can even design your own e-mail invitation.

On spot and after sales

Do you believe in surveys as a way of communication while a guest is in the hotel? Or do you prefer to ask for feedback after a guest has checked out? FranklyView can run in each situation, it’s your choice.

Compatible with PMS and CRM

Don't worry if you already have business software running. You can import and export data from and to FranklyView. We can even create a data interface with your PMS or CRM system. This way sending out invitations and collecting the results can be done automatically.

30 days free trial

We are happy to provide a free trial period of 30 days. Try FranklyView and see how it can work for you. In case you would not be not satisfied, you can stop with no further obligations. 

Up and running in 10 minutes

No long thinking and coding of questions. Just fill in the order form and our intelligent software will make a customized survey for you. In 10 minutes you will be ready to invite the first customers.

No limits

FranklyView has no limits in users, participants, responses. No extra fees will be charged. 


You can use the system in English or in Dutch. The survey and e-mail invitation are available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Would you like to have them is a different language? Just let us know. We plan to extend the number of languages and are willing to prioritize your request.

Start your free trial today 


  • Improve pre-arrival revenue
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Get more recommendations on Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google+ e.a.
  • Get more direct bookings


Edwin van der Meijde Suitehotel PincoffsEdwin van der Meijde
Suitehotel Pincoffs

To continuously meet the expectations of our guests' needs, it is important that our hotel and service are correct up to the details. FranklyView keeps us focussed.

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