Suitehotel Pincoffs

Edwin van der Meijde, owner

We started Pincoffs as a dream and we run it with passion from day one. Of course I hope that customers recognize and appreciate our enthusiasm. I am delighted with all the positive comments and reviews. To continuously meet expectations, it is important for us that the hotel and the service are correct up to the details. FranklyView keeps us sharp.

Inviting guests is simple and fast, especially now that we are using the export function of LodgeGate, our PMS. I find it an advantage that guests can share their positive experience through TripAdvisor and Facebook. It is important that I can establish contact with guests who have suggested improvements. Thus we can share our passion for hospitality even after check out.

Website suitehotel pincoffs | Tripadvisor travellers choice 2013


  • Improve pre-arrival revenue
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Get more recommendations on Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google+ e.a.
  • Get more direct bookings


Edwin van der Meijde Suitehotel PincoffsEdwin van der Meijde
Suitehotel Pincoffs

To continuously meet the expectations of our guests' needs, it is important that our hotel and service are correct up to the details. FranklyView keeps us focussed.

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